Author Topic: stone crusher machine the aggregate production is also in short supply  (Read 72 times)


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Despite to the control of the central government, the domestic coal chemical projects still like being bolted wild horses difficult to curb the investment impulse. The National Energy Bureau official said, at present, has received 104 national coal chemical projects started construction in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the investment scale up to 2 yuan.
Coal production is a high consumption of energy, coal enterprises merger and reorganization, is one of important methods of large-scale mine, will also realize the economical development of the coal industry to maximize.
Therefore, the central government will be clear, during the 12th five-year plan will not approve large-scale development of modern coal chemical industry, the country will have only 15 demonstration projects supported. Recently, the equivalent of coal chemical industry "1025" planning "coal deep processing demonstration project planning" and "deep processing of coal industry development policy" will be released to the public, which also rules, foreign-funded enterprises may not be wholly owned investment in China coal chemical projects. At the same time, the coal enterprises merger and reorganization will become the next stage work. Mainly in large-scale coal enterprises, large-scale coal bases and large modern coal mine coal production, stone crusher machine will also form a stable supply pattern. The merger and reorganization of coal enterprises to realize the healthy development of the coal industry, will eliminate a number of small, illegal coal mine enterprise, combined coal bosses can switch to investment in other industries, such as concrete aggregate production etc.. With the development of the national infrastructure, the aggregate production is also in short supply, Shanghai Shibang with to create high-end professional and technical system, optimization of concrete aggregate aggregate production equipment such as broken machinery, has gradually become the preferred brand of coal enterprise. In addition, in economy, low-carbon development, Shanghai Shibang professional build MTW Euro trapezoidal grinding mill equipment, also make coal obtain sufficient combustion in artificial sand making machine the processing of grinding process, maximize the use of resources at the same time, also realize the low carbon development of environment protection and energy saving.